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Whaley Bridge Evacuation -

Toddbrook Reservoir

As you will have seen on just about every news channel around the World, the little town of Whaley Bridge where our HQ is based came under threat from an unlikely source. Just up the road from us is the Toddbrook Reservoir which helps supply water for the local areas and further North in the Greater Manchester region.


The reservoir came under pressure from heavy rain over a 2 day period and when the water eased up it was clear that there had been significant breaches in the Reservoir slipway which were quickly highlighted by members of the public. It then turned into a National Emergency operation with just about every agency and organisation coming together in Whaley Bridge at it's time of need. 

Due to this, an evacuation zone was put into place which meant around 1500 residents and employees had to leave with immediate effect leaving us time to only move the servers to higher ground should the dam completely breach.

We would just like to say a huge thank you to everybody who has been involved from the Chinook team, emergency services teams and to all the volunteers who provided much needed supplies for the residents of Whaley Bridge in what was an emotional week!

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Ard Rock Enduro Festival

2nd - 4th August

Ardrock Enduro 2019.jpg

As you are aware by now, this years Ard Rock Enduro sadly had to be cancelled a matter of days before the event was set to begin. This was due to the unprecedented rainfall which fell in the Yorkshire area, meaning many local residents had to be evacuated and subsequently lost many of their possessions which had to be left behind. 

Although we are devastated, the decision by the events team was totally the right one and we just hope everyone is okay. These types of events are completely unpredictable and are rare during the summer months so we can't be disheartened.

The Mountain Biking community being the kind hearted and amazing bunch they are helped raise a whopping total of £50,795 which will go towards helping the local community get back on their feet.

CarFest North 2019

26th - 28th July

Carfest 2019 generic.png

We headed back to Bolesworth Castle for the second year on the bounce to showcase Kinder Scout at this year's Car Fest North event in support of the BBC Children in Need appeal.

The first day was filled with happy faces as the crowds of people entered the Bolesworth Estate site for what was set to be a weekend of cars, fun and charity! Friday went really well for the Leo SV team with a number of quality conversations with the public which lead to discussions among families of who got the top beds int heir own Kinder Scout.

Saturday started off amazing with the sun beaming down on the Carfesters which saw Kinder Scout gain a lot of interest, as we've come to expect when showcasing her at different events across the country. Although this didn't hold up, as the weather took a turn for the worse come Saturday afternoon making it very difficult to maneuver the site with mud accumulating everywhere.

Come Sunday the site at Bolesworth Estate was unfortunately to muddy for some people to walk around and explore the event so all in all it was a quite end to a brilliant start for the Leo SV staff at CarFest North 2019.

The Midsummer Motorhome Show 2019

21st - 23rd June

Our third and final Warner Show of the season went down a treat with many visitors being inspired by Kinder Scout's unique layout and instantly seeing the benefits our flexible layout offers for various different demographics, not just the sporty type.

The sun was shining for the majority of the weekend allowing everyone to get out and enjoy the live entertainment, trade stands and the huge array of Motorhomes & Campervans available.


Again Kinder Scout was noted a few times as being the most stand out vehicle at the show in terms of layout and cost.

Catch us next at Car Fest North in Cheshire.


The Southern Motorhome Show 2019

17th - 19th May


The Southern Motorhome Show got under way at Newbury Showground in what is our second show on the calendar for 2019.


Friday started off slow with the weather slightly on the chilly side, although that didn't stop some locals getting in early to see Kinder Scout, after reading about our attendance at the show. 

With over 1800 campers on site and over 5,000 day visitors across the weekend, the show was very well attended. 

Saturday and Sunday were both very busy for the team with a lot of day visitors coming through the gates to browse hundreds of different motor-homes and camper vans.


Kinder Scout was noted by multiple visitors as being the one vehicle there that really stood out the most, not because of the vinyl wrap, but because Kinder Scout offers something completely different compared to your typical layout and designs that you're used to seeing in the market.

National Motorhome & Campervan Show 2019

26th - 28th April

Our first show of the season had us heading East, to the East of England Showground for the National Motorhome & Campervan Show. This is the biggest outdoor event scheduled on the Warner calendar and it produced a healthy turnout, with motorhomes & campervans of all shapes & sizes coming through the gates.

Kinder Scout proved to be an eye opener for many visitors who hadn't seen our Sports Utility Camper before, firstly due to the outlandish colour scheme, but the main reason was how different and unique our interior layout was to the rest of the models at this years show.


Too squeeze everything out of this panel van we developed some unique items in our workshop such as the steel bed frame, which effortlessly folds against the body-side enabling you to increase either your living area or storage space. Another unique feature is the internal bike securing points which keep your bikes secure, in place and un-damaged when they're not being used.

If you would like to see Kinder Scout in the flesh please come and see us at one of our upcoming events!


Founder of VeloMe Jessica Strange talks Kinder Scout

Jessica Strange article.png

Take a look at the full article here 

"What makes it even more valuable is that you have the assurance in knowing the van conversion specialists at Leo SV pride themselves on excellence so you and your bikes are in safe hands for adventures ahead. And, of course, at the end of the day, it’s still a vehicle for driving around in, getting you to and from the trails!"

VeloMe founder Jessica Strange had only positive words to say in her article about Kinder Scout, highlighting the many benefits, including, being able to store your expensive equipment such as bikes in a secure place where you know they're going to be safe and out of sight from prying eyes.

Campervan Magazine's

Peter Rosenthal reviews Kinder Scout


"Sometimes the planets align and the Campervan Gods deal you a blinder of a hand. And so it proved when Leo SV contacted Campervan about their latest creation"

Peter Rosenthal from Campervan Magazine was handed the keys to Kinder Scout for the weekend and got stuck in to uncovering what lies beneath the yellow and grey wrap, and to test whether it could perform in it's natural habitat.

Peter tested Kinder on his outing to nearby Macclesfield which is just over the hill from our base in Whaley Bridge, for a competition on his Gas Gas trials bike. 

"The Sunday of the trial dawned cold and clear. Although the drive to the quarry in Macclesfield was a short one, the road up to the start of the trial was a stony track that became increasingly muddy on the way to the car park. I watched a rear-wheel drive Mercedes Vito slither sideways trying to get up the road but, happily, the front-wheel drive Fiat didn't struggle, despite only having Bridgestone road tyres. Normally, at this point, I'd be climbing out of the Nissan pick-up and standing outside in my underpants while I changed into my trials clothing, so it was all rather civilised to be getting changed indoors in the warmth. This is the life!" 

To read more of Peter's review, go to the Out and About Live website here.

Cycle Expo Yorkshire 2018

12th - 14th October


We have been busy getting out and about with Kinder Scout at a number of different events towards the end of this year and we couldn't let the opportunity slip of being at the first ever Cycle Expo Yorkshire Event which we can safely say went down a treat for everybody involved.

When the event was opened to the public on Saturday the place had a great feel to it as the hall was full of excited people raring to have a good look around all the different bikes, equipment and safety gear that was on offer and rather quickly interest was soon drawn to Kinder Scout with its outgoing vinyl wrap proving hard to miss.


The unique feature with Kinder Scout is the ability to keep equipment safe & secure inside your vehicle and with our in-house built internal bike securing points this can be achieved which is why we came up to Yorkshire, the home of cycling enthusiasts to show her off.

There were plenty of different activities to get stuck into including the outdoor tracks where you could take a bike from the show and have a quick taster session to see if it was the right bike for you!

After such a positive show the Leo SV team can't wait to see you all again next year!

Leo SV at Cycle Expo Yorkshire
Leo SV at Cycle Expo Yorkshire

Lincolnshire Motorhome Show 2018

21st - 23rd September


When we arrived on Thursday to set up the Leo SV stand we were greeted with torrential rain which meant we were unable to have a look around the grounds before the show officially opened on Friday.

It's safe to say that the rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits as the show was a go on the Friday with hundreds of happy campers wandering around taking in all the amazing stalls and vehicles on offer.

Kinder Scout was well accepted into the Campervan world by fellow motorhomer's who were really impressed with what we were able to offer at an affordable cost. Our unique bike securing points inside the vehicle were what got people talking as in this day and age security is one of the most important considerations when browsing the marketplace for your next home on wheels.

Even with the constant flow of people coming to take a look at Kinder Scout it wasn't hard to miss/hear the incoming sound of a true beauty of the skies in the Lancaster Bomber which was a nice end to the weekend.

We hope to see you again next year, head over to Warner Events website for 2019 dates!

Leo SV at Lincolnshire Motorhome Show 2018
Leo SV at Lincolnshire Motorhome Show 2018

CarFest North 2018

27th - 29th July


The first day of the show gave the Leo SV team a chance to have a wander around the grounds and take in all of the amazing stalls and events which would be taking place over the duration of the weekend.

As the gates to the public opened it was clear straight away that the digital camouflage did it's job perfectly with flocks of visitors instantly showing interest in Kinder Scout.

The level of excitement on the visitors faces said it all for us and we ended Friday shell shocked by the level of interest we received.

Saturday turned out to be exactly the same with hundreds of visitors crowding around Kinder Scout to glance a look at potentially their future camper van.

The only down side of the day was the light shower we got around lunch-time which halted proceedings but when it cleared everything was back underway and Kinder Scout drew in the crowd with people interested in cycling, kayaking, karting and even an enquiry into whether we could fit a model steam engine in the rear load-space as the vehicle was perfect for their tours around the UK. 


For the duration of the event Leo SV were handing out branded sunglasses and water bottles so that visitors were protected from the hot weather that was expected. 

We also ran a competition for 3 lucky winners to receive an Amazon Gift Card worth £50 each by simply taking a picture in your sunglasses in front of your favourite vehicle and posting it to social media using #LeoSV & #CarFestNorth.


Kinder Scout Rolls off the Production Line |

26th July 

Kinder Scout Camper Van Conversion

After receiving the base vehicle in April it has taken just 3 months to complete our very first camper where we aim to reduce production time, order after order.


Kinder Scout will feature at various events throughout 2018 going into 2019. If you are keen to see Kinder Scout in the flesh we offer a FREE home demonstration anywhere in the UK or you can come to our headquarters in Whaley Bridge for a drive around the beautiful High Peak. 

The team at Leo SV are so proud to have been a part of this journey to produce an affordable, practical camper van for the more adventurous type with space for all the family.

Kinder Scout Camper Van Conversion
Kinder Scout Camper Van Conversion

Leo Specialist Vehicles first came up with the Kinder Scout concept in 2015 and until early in 2018 it remained on sketches and in the minds of a handful of passionate people.

Hillhead Show 2018 26th - 28th June

Logo hillhead 2018.png

Throughout the week the team at Leo Specialist Vehicles were out in force at the Construction & Minerals Industry's showcase event which took place in a disused limestone quarry just down the road from our headquarters in Buxton, Derbyshire.

Here's just a few of the pictures we took whilst we were there.

2018-06-26 13.07.32.jpg

The sun was blazing and crowds were the biggest the show has ever previously attracted. We were on stand H15 showcasing our harsh environment flexible crew vehicle and Fiat Professionals Fullback which was the first time many of the visitors had witnessed in the flesh. With many people showing interest in both products on our stand we came away feeling positive.

2018-06-26 10.17.00.jpg